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Incredible Building a Fire A Martial Arts Thought Exercise

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VIDEO: Check out this legendary Master martial artist demonstrating his raw skills!

As with many words, common use of the term teacher has steadily robbed it of any depth of meaning. It pays to examine it more closely, and in particular to go beyond the term teacher and understand what lies hidden in the further term master teacher. The simple definition of a teacher is that he (or she) instructs another in one or several subject matters. A teacher has achieved fluent control of their area of expertise and they have established an effortless relationship with the materials, processes and outputs of their chosen field and are able to communicate this to others. A master teacher is something more. A true master teacher has progressed beyond this to a deep understanding of humanity itself so that he/she is able to see what needs to be nurtured and at the same time deeply understands and can guide the learner through the process of struggle, learning and growth that yields maturity. He can grow future teachers and indeed future master teachers. The result of a teacher’s work is output. The result of a master teacher’s work is people.

The practice of kung fu skills, when it’s been correctly taught and learned will help the body to reach the right physical balance, reduce infirmities that are not surprising in our modern approach to living e. G the ones that derive from being seated for too many hours everyday driving everywhere and mental ones. As well as these benefits, the right practice of karate abilities will help the consultant to remain fit, trimmed and rein in their levels of stress, naturally, with no regard for the extra advantage of self defense.

People have practiced martial arts for thousands of years. There are many reasons why people practice martial arts and the reasons have changed and evolved over the years.

In times of war, it was the fighting skills learned from karate that were the main reason to train, in times of peace, health and character development took precedence and now we have the competition side of karate, which is huge!

The roots of Asian society lie in the careful attention given to reflective thought on the needs of all society and in the conscious development of effort as a process of spiritual awakening or enlightenment (kaigan) for everyone, working in relationship and harmony (wa). This is embedded in the East and is particularly visible in Japanese culture.

Master Gichin Funakoshi, who was the founder of Shotokan karate, believed the development of character was the most important part of the martial arts. He believed and passed on the philosophy of, no first attack in karate.


The physical gains seen by practicing karate are obvious.
Karate is very anaerobic, short explosive bursts. Many sensei (karate teacher), will advise their students to compliment their karate with aerobic exercises such as, running, cycling, swimming, or even walking. A lot of karate dojo (training hall), have the philosophy that you should not practice karate for fitness, instead, you should be fit to practice karate! This is a very confusing philosophy for someone new to karate, but as time goes by, the karateka will understand this philosophy.

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