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Learn Advanced Karate

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VIDEO: Watch this awesome demo of advanced Karate being used! Watch video below..


We are attacking and as we attack, we’re blocking and intercepting. So that’s another variation on what’s called juji-go which is cross arm block. I’m using it as a block and a strike.

If we move our body well, we free up the limbs and then we can apply them spontaneously according to the circumstances. So for example, if Alex comes to approach with this hand, I can parry up and strike the elbow. If he comes with the other hand at the same target, I can parry up and strike the neck. So you allow for those variations when you’re not making fixed positions. But you’re moving from the center and letting the center come in here, to strike one side or the center recognizes it can strike the other side. And this is the intelligence of moving from the center. It has the ability to reflexively move without thinking.

American Kempo Karate is a martial art that involves striking the opponent with a swift combination of numerous punches, kicks, and knife hand blows to completely incapacitate an opponent. It was developed by Ed Parker over the years between 1950 and 1990. Parker first learned Kenpo in Hawaii and over the years included many aspects of Chinese martial arts and jiu jitsu, exchanged Asian terminologies for American. Today karate is one of the most popular forms of martial arts because of how easily adaptable the moves are to each individual student.

Heel strike in Kempo Karate

I recommend doing knuckle push ups to toughen and strengthen that wrist. Also, if you’re practicing with a heavy bag, and you wrap your hands for safety, do a couple of rounds where you don’t have them wrapped. Not too much work, because in this day and age where we use computers a lot, we don’t want to damage our hands. You want to toughen them up a little bit. But aside from that, a more effective self defense strike is the palm heel strike. This one you can take out of the box as a white belt and you can instantly apply it. Palm heel strike is an open hand technique. The hand is bent at the wrist, like if you’re a waiter and you’re holding a tray. Your striking area is the base of the palm. This is the meatiest part. There’s a lot of padding here. You don’t have the dangerous bones damaging like up here. You don’t want to strike up here because you bend your fingers back; you hyper extend it, hurt your wrist. Right here, because as you can see, it meets where the radius and the ulna on the small muscles in the wrist. So you’ve got all of that behind you. And the same thing, it’s just like a punch, but this one you want to aim a little bit higher. This one, underneath the nose, or to the chin. This one is also very fast. You can do it from a natural stance. Just make sure you turn your hip into it. This one you can also go to the mid section, hitting at the solar plexus. And if you go low, you want to make sure you turn your hand almost like you’re serving a volleyball. Because if you try this out, hitting something low, you’re actually hitting here and you’re hurting your wrist. This allows you to have proper body alignment.

Advanced Kempo kicks

As you can probably tell, with the human limb, there’s almost an infinite number of ways you can move it. Infinite number of combinations that you can come up with. The only thing stopping it is the human mind. So some variations are you know, like if you add a crescent kick, where the kick comes up and it comes out slapping on the side, the side of the head. Crescent kicks, you can even go from the other way. If you add a spin to that, it’s a little, it’s easier to actually generate a little bit more power if you spin, put a spin into the crescents. From there you also have jumpy kicks like I’m just going to show you just a jumping front kick. If you just add a jump to it, you can even double the power. You also got a jumping side kick, which is easier to run and actually leap into something.

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