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MMA Mishap: Fails of the Week (September 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s dropping! This week we show you exactly how NOT to do MMA, an unfavorable scientific research experiment, as well as extra! Currently you could stream fails as well as more 24/7! Examine it out below: http://bit.ly/29st1nA

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FailArmy is the world’s top resource for epic fail video clips as well as humorous collections. We’re powered by fan entries and comments from all over the world, with over 30 million followers across digital platforms!

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Video clips:
Guy Almost Burns Down House with his Little Science Experiment https://goo.gl/sy8Nvq
Kid Falls Flat on Sand While Trying to Backflip on Beach https://goo.gl/y64uPs
Teenager Falls Trying to High Kick Punch Machine https://goo.gl/qi9yJR
Canine Tackles as well as runs Owner on Being Summoned https://goo.gl/vNWCwz
Speeding Up Car Knocks out Bike’s Rearview Mirror https://goo.gl/4kYdK1
Guy’s T-shirt Gets Stuck on Pull up Bar While Exercising https://goo.gl/KBd3DK
Person Breaks and also slips Windshield While Climbing Down Car Roof https://goo.gl/2H2s9p
Dual Leg Takedown Goes Wrong https://goo.gl/dfpE8Y
Man Lands Up in Tree After Base Jumping https://goo.gl/9DSdRL
ATV Falls on Man While he Tries to Climb up Slope https://goo.gl/rrQ7tL
Man Tries to Backflip off Bike for First Time https://goo.gl/wUHBhy
Speeding Up Biker Slips and also Falls on Busy Freeway https://goo.gl/X1enXg
Lady Fails Terribly Trying to Ropeswing From High Platform https://goo.gl/ny5Ats
Individuals Perform Flips off Ramp to Trampoline https://goo.gl/Bq9Jx3
Guy Falls Hard While Trying to add Wall https://goo.gl/vJgxFN
Cyclist Flies off Bike After Jumping up Elevated Dirt Road https://goo.gl/JKH2EM
Little Boy Tumbles Downhill Trying to Beat his Uncle to the Race https://goo.gl/UKCsfr
Male Destroys Card Tower by Blowing air on it https://goo.gl/oPn3H8
Person Gets a Shock on Touching Electric Fence https://goo.gl/P43C1k
Teenager Practicing in Skate Park Collides with Kid https://goo.gl/hhLtbc
Lady Flies off right into Water While Barefooting https://goo.gl/fy8NBP
Person Flops at Cannonballing into Lake https://goo.gl/zeCrFP
Youngster Faceplants into Sand While Running Down a Dune https://goo.gl/yDbht9
Cop Crashes Bike in Skate Park https://goo.gl/frT8Rg
Individual Fails at Performing Pole Bending Stunt on Golf Cart https://goo.gl/8vBL6N
Individual Falls on Stairs While Bobsledding in Cardboard Box https://goo.gl/3DwUk4
Man Belly Flops After Waterfall Jumping https://goo.gl/VAD5ig
Male Slips and Falls Awkwardly From Cliff right into Water https://goo.gl/9KcY3J
Lady Falls Clumsily During Dance Practice https://goo.gl/J8kWNQ
Guy Ends up Kicking his Friend Instead of Rugby Ball https://goo.gl/7Go3Vb

Mixed Martial Arts Mishap: Fails of the Week (September 2018)|FailArmy

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