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UFC Ultimate Featherweight Championship Fight

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VIDEO: See the devastating Conor McGregor in action!

In came Team Alpha Male’s Urijah Faber, out went McGregor’s enthusiasm.

“They give me Urijah as a coach but they won’t let me fight him,” McGregor revealed in a newly released clip filmed weeks ago. “My energy was gone from it. I didn’t want to do it. [The show] did not mean anything to me. But the more I think about it and seeing the fights to get into the house and just being around it, this is the life I have chosen.

“This is the life I have created. To be here and have this opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rather than be off with it and feel like I need to get away from it, I am embracing it now.”

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The Irish sensation recently told Fox Sports in a video promo for Season 22 of the UFC’s hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter that he wanted to square off with opposing coach Urijah Faber after filming concludes.

As it stands now, McGregor will not face Faber after the show. They’re just there to coach and trade a few verbal barbs here and there, generating interest in the show and pulling viewers to their television sets.

McGregor, however, wishes it didn’t have to be like that. After a season of back-and-forths, he needs a payoff in the form of a fight, and he feels a matchup against Faber wouldn’t jeopardize his December date with Aldo at all.

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